Our Partners


HUC Capacity Building (HCB) is a subsidiary of Hams Universal Consulting (HUC) with capacity building and knowledge transfer as its core business. We are committed to the establishment of sustainable mechanisms that allow a community or nation to empower itself by developing its human capital. HCB provides quality needs-based learning programmes geared towards helping participants achieve their professional and career goals. 

We believe that the rich learning experiences our programs offer can effect powerful and positive transformation in individuals, organisations, and society. We combine innovation, ICT and exceptional management to deliver excellent capacity building

Our Services


As competition creates infinite choices, companies have to look for ways to connect emotionally with customers, become irreplaceable, and create lifelong relationships. We at HUC help make and create strong brand presence stand. We create a perception that leads to brand success, regardless of whether it is a start-up, existing business, a non-profit, or a product. We use a disciplined process to build awareness for a business or product and also extend customer loyalty. We seize every opportunity to express why people should choose your brand over another but it requires a mandate from the top and readiness to invest in the future. We give our customers a desire to lead and outpace competition.


Our projects may vary from parties to corporate functions, from galas to sporting events, and from political rallies to event marketing programs. The common denominator is Effective Events management, thoroughness in planning, attention to detail and exceptional logistics management. We are able to recruit, train and manage large teams to execute an event towards a common vision. In doing so, we always meet or exceed our client’s objectives.

Our Clients


wE specialise in consultancy, advice and hands on implementation. We not only undertake marketing and business consultancy for businesses in many different market sectors, but we specialise in rolling our sleeves up and getting 'stuck into' projects on your behalf: So you can either simply use us for well-focused targeted advice when you need it or you can use us to advise on and then help deliver your project whatever it may be.

We have a wide range of marketing experience and can help you look at your target market, develop marketing strategies, plans and implementation plans as well as help you look at the marketing tactics and tools that are most suited to your marketing and business development needs.